KD Hospital, Ahmedabad

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KD Hospital, Ahmedabad

KD Hospital (Kusum Dhirajlal Hospital) is a multi/super speciality hospital located at the prime location of Vaishnodevi Circle, SG Road, Ahmedabad; with state-of-the-art facilities & treatments at an affordable cost, encompassing wide spectrum of accurate diagnostics and elegant therapeutics created on the philosophical edifice of patient and ethical centricity ensuring humanistic dispensation.

Under the aegis of Shri Harihar Maharaj Charitable Trust, KD Hospital is spread over a massive 6 acre campus providing 300+ beds and catering for nearly 45 super-specialties, all under one roof. A multispeciality approach enables each speciality to have the comfort of collaborating on complex cases thereby ensuring a comprehensive assessment/ treatment of the patient. Patients are provided with multiple options for treatment, the most suitable of which are arrived at through a collaborative case assessment approach that decides the best course of treatment for the best outcomes.

KD Hospital, officially known as Kusum Dhirajlal Hospital, stands as a prominent multi/super specialty healthcare facility situated at the strategically important location of Vaishnodevi Circle on SG Road in Ahmedabad. This hospital has gained distinction by offering state-of-the-art facilities and a comprehensive range of treatments, all delivered at an affordable cost. The institution’s commitment to providing high-quality healthcare is reflected in its emphasis on accurate diagnostics, sophisticated therapeutics, and a patient-centric approach.


  • Ownership and Charitable Trust: KD Hospital operates under the aegis of the Shri Harihar Maharaj Charitable Trust, reflecting a commitment to charitable and community-oriented healthcare services.
  • Expansive Campus: The hospital boasts a sprawling 6-acre campus, providing a spacious and well-equipped environment for healthcare delivery.
  • Capacity: With over 300 beds, KD Hospital has the capacity to serve a substantial number of patients, addressing a diverse range of medical needs.
  • Diverse Specialties: KD Hospital is home to nearly 45 super-specialties, covering a wide spectrum of medical disciplines. This diversity ensures comprehensive healthcare services, catering to various health conditions.


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