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Welcome to Treatians – a Medical Tourism Company in India and your gateway to premium medical tourism services. At Treatians, we believe in the power of healthcare without borders, offering you access to world-class medical treatments and procedures in renowned destinations around the globe.



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Let us guide you on a journey to wellness, blending quality treatment and unforgettable travel experiences through our medical tourism services.

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Treatians offers budget-friendly health check-up packages for the patients.

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Patient-centric care is our top priority. Our process ensures transparency and regular updates, making your treatment experience smoother and more fruitful. 

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Treatians offers affordable world-class healthcare with a wide range of treatments. Submit your medical query for top-quality care. 

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I am forever indebted to Treatians for being my guiding light during the challenging journey of undergoing a heart bypass in India. From the very first appointment to the tedious visa process, they held my hand and provided unwavering support. Their genuine care and empathy touched my heart, giving me the strength to face each step with courage. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to navigate this unfamiliar terrain. Treatians, you are more than just medical tourism facilitators; you are the angels who helped restore my health and hope. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude.

Chum visan Cambodia Heart Bypass Surgery

Treatians flawlessly organized appointments, VIL, and visa requirements, while diligently coordinating the intricate treatment process. Their meticulous planning and unwavering attention to detail brought immense comfort during the most challenging moments. Treatians went above and beyond, ensuring a seamless and victorious medical tourism experience. My heart overflows with gratitude towards the entire team for their invaluable assistance and compassionate care that made all the difference in my journey to a healthier life.

Tep Nimith KTP Cambodia

I am grateful to Treatians for their exceptional assistance throughout my kidney transplant journey in India. From managing appointments, VIL, and visa requirements to coordinating the intricate treatment process, they provided unwavering support. Their professionalism, prompt communication, and attention to detail made the entire experience seamless. Treatians' dedication and care gave me the confidence to undergo the transplant successfully. I cannot thank them enough for their invaluable assistance in making this life-changing medical journey possible.

Tand Puoy Ginm KTP Myanmaar

With utmost sincerity, I want to pour my heart out and express my profound gratitude to Treatians for their unwavering support during my kidney transplant journey at JP Hospital in India. From the very first appointment to meticulously managing the complex visa and travel logistics, their assistance surpassed all expectations. Treatians' tireless dedication and attention to every detail allowed me to navigate the treatment process with peace of mind, focusing solely on my healing and restoration. Their professionalism coupled with heartfelt compassion made every step of this life-altering medical tourism experience more bearable. I am forever indebted to Treatians for their invaluable guidance and unwavering presence throughout this transformative journey.


I am filled with appreciation for Treatians, whose invaluable support made my kidney transplant journey at Metro Hospital in India a resounding success. From arranging appointments and managing visa and travel logistics with meticulous attention to detail, they facilitated a seamless treatment process. Even after the transplant, their unwavering commitment continued through post-treatment follow-up and care, offering me solace and reassurance. I am forever grateful to Treatians for their steadfast guidance and unwavering assistance during this life-altering chapter.

Rahana Begum KTP Bangladesh

I chose Treatians for their exceptional assistance throughout my kidney transplant journey at Metro Hospital in India. From the initial appointment to visa arrangements, their support constantly with me. The convenience of accessing all information through their user-friendly app made the process hassle-free. Treatians ensured a seamless treatment experience, coordinating everything with utmost efficiency. Their dedication, combined with the expertise of the medical team at Metro Hospital, made my journey successful. I am forever thankful to Treatians for their unwavering guidance and support.

Seng Visal KTP Cambodia

I, Heng Sokha from Mauritius, am filled with immense gratitude as I express my heartfelt appreciation to Treatians for their exceptional support throughout my kidney transplant journey at Metro Hospital in India. Right from the start, Treatians provided flawless guidance, assisting me effortlessly with appointments, VIL, visa arrangements, and the entirety of my treatment process. Their app, designed with user-friendliness in mind, granted me convenient access to all essential information. Treatians' unwavering devotion, combined with the proficiency of Metro Hospital's medical team, guaranteed a transformative and triumphant journey. I will forever cherish my profound gratitude towards Treatians for their priceless aid and unwavering dedication to my well-being.

Heng sokha KTP Mauritus
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