Lal Sir

Mr. Lal Narayan Pratap

Mr. Lal Narayan Pratap is the MD and Founder of Treatians. Mr. Pratap's visionary mindset has played an important role in founding, establishing and building up Treatians sales channels. His leadership and guidance has led the team to new heights. Mr. Pratap is also credited with the founding of RLV Lifesciences, a well founded initiative that is dedicated to pharmaceutical industry delivering high quality medicine to people. Under his leadership Treatians has seen the sales operation grow and that has added to establishing many medical centers across global regions. In addition to his brilliant work in hospital establishments, Mr. Pratap has been an dedicated towards the medical tourism industry with his brainchild, Treatians. This visionary concept is reshaping the way patients access affordable medical treatments across the globe. Mr. Pratap's dedication to making a positive impact on the healthcare industry is not only commendable but also serves as an inspiration to all those who strive to make a difference in the lives of others through innovation, vision, and determination.

Shruti m

Shruti Saini

Shruti Saini, Co- Founder and CEO of Treatians, is driven by a passion for technology and believes that it can make great changes to healthcare. With a clear vision to revolutionize patient care and industry standards, she started on a journey to create a healthcare ecosystem that went beyond boundaries and make sure of improvements. Recognizing technology's power, as the CEO and under her guidance an exceptional team of individuals have dedicated themselves to the organization's progress. Fuelled by continuous dedication and a commitment to the mission, Treatians continues to thrive under her leadership. Each stride forward makes our collective belief even stronger in reshaping the healthcare industry and touching countless lives worldwide. As Treatians flourish, Ms. Saini's dedication is a proof to the success of vision, innovation, and hope to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people around the globe.

Dr. Manoj Aggarwal

Dr. Manoj Aggarwal

Dr. Manoj Aggarwal is CEO and founder of the reputed PrimaCare hospital. He is not only a distinguished Urologist and Andrologist but also an integral part of Treatians. With a very rich experience spanning 12 years, Dr. Aggarwal has established himself as an important member of the organization's medical team. As a Consultant Urologist and Kidney Transplant surgeon, Dr. Aggarwal plays a vital role in providing high-quality care and innovative treatment solutions to patients. Dr. Aggarwal's commitment to patient well-being and his approach to healthcare have made him a respected professional overall. He embodies the values of excellence and compassion that define Treatians, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of his patients.

Key Management

Mr. Tiwari

Mr. Tiwari has an impressive 22-year journey within the International Marketing industry. With a rich experience, he is a marketing veteran, giving solutions to problems of global markets with great expertise. Throughout his career, Mr. Tiwari has headed numerous successful campaigns, using his expertise to drive growth and establish brand presence across diverse territories. Mr. Tiwari and his leadership has led to numerous successful marketing campaigns, helping Treatians establish a strong presence worldwide. His approach and innovative ideas have been very important in driving growth and fostering valuable partnerships. As an integral part of Treatian's family and marketing operations spanning various units, he brings forth a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight.