Price Comparison


Healthcare can get very expensive and we are well aware of that. At Treatians, we are committed to providing transparent pricing for all medical treatments we offer. and that is done with a very detailed comparison. We make sure that when a patient is asking for the prices, there is all comparison done so that they choose from what suits their pockets. 

It is no secret that choosing to fly to another country to get treatment can be very expensive. We understand that healthcare costs can be a significant financial burden for many people, and we do our level best to provide fair and reasonable pricing for all our medical treatments. Our team works closely with hospitals and healthcare providers to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of the costs associated with each medical treatment.  

We  try talking with these providers to arrive at a fair price for each treatment, and we ensure that all these costs are transparently communicated to our patients. When patients approach us for medical treatment, we provide them with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. 

This includes the cost of hospital fees, doctor fees, medication costs, and any other associated costs. This breakdown ensures that our patients are fully aware of the costs involved, and there are no hidden fees or surprises. 

Comprehensive support and patient-centric care

From assisting with travel arrangements and accommodation to offering interpretation services, our dedicated team is here to ensure that your focus remains on your well-being. With Treatians, you’re not just accessing advanced medical treatment; you’re embarking on a journey where your comfort and care are our top priorities. 


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