Manipal Hospital Formerly Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad

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Manipal Hospital Formerly Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad

Manipal Hospitals stands as a distinguished healthcare provider, holding a prominent position in the country’s medical landscape. With a rich history spanning many decades, the Manipal group has consistently delivered an extensive array of facilities and services marked by an exceptional standard of quality. This legacy underscores the institution’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its patients.

In line with its unwavering dedication to excellence, Manipal Hospitals takes pride in introducing the premium consultation service, a testament to its ongoing efforts to enhance the overall healthcare experience for individuals seeking medical assistance. This specialized service aims to provide patients with an elevated level of care, marked by convenience and efficiency.

The premium consultation service at Manipal Hospitals goes beyond traditional healthcare offerings, striving to make the entire healthcare journey more accessible and hassle-free. Whether it’s through cutting-edge medical technologies, highly trained healthcare professionals, or streamlined administrative processes, Manipal Hospitals is devoted to ensuring that patients receive top-notch care with the least amount of inconvenience.


  • The hospital has 100 beds and delivers affordable and effective medical services in a clean and secure environment.
  • The hospital offers several medical services such as Orthopaedics, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Plastic Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ENT., etc.
  • The medical staff is highly qualified, experienced, and committed to providing world-class treatment to ensure the highest care quality.
  • The hospital has 24-hour services of the emergency room, pharmacy, labor and delivery suite, operation theatre, laboratory, ambulance, radiology, and ICU.