PrimaCare Superspeciality Hospital, Noida

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PrimaCare Superspeciality Hospital, Noida

At PrimaCare, the visionaries at the helm, particularly the Founder and CEO, have embarked on a journey to establish the institution as a true hallmark in the expansive landscape of medical care. This commitment to excellence has driven PrimaCare to surpass traditional boundaries, relentlessly pursuing a mission to make high-quality healthcare services accessible to all segments of society.

The Founder and CEO, with an illustrious career in medicine spanning over 18 years, stands at the helm with a sense of gratitude towards the Almighty. Despite originating from a humble background, the founder acknowledges the pivotal role played by gracious mentors who guided and enriched the journey of life.


More About Hospital

PrimaCare holds itself to the highest healthcare standards, adhering rigorously to regulations. This commitment has positioned the hospital as a trusted destination for foreign patients seeking medical care, underscoring its global standing in the healthcare arena.

The core commitment of PrimaCare lies in providing premium holistic healthcare services that stand on pillars of affordability, ethical standards, and evidence-based practices. This commitment is brought to life through the integration of the latest cutting-edge technologies and a dedicated team comprising experienced doctors and paramedical staff who approach their work with a profound sense of care and empathy.

The hospital takes pride in offering its top-notch services to patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds. This commitment is not just a statement but is reinforced by the hospital’s cutting-edge software system, which streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures that quality healthcare is accessible to everyone.

The hospital is run on a social entrepreneurial belief where all earnings and profits are reinvested in the hospital for constantly upgrading technologies, services, and facilities to enhance patient comfort and well-being.


  • Advanced Radiology Centre with 32 Slice CT Scan (GE), 4D USG colour Doppler/2D
  • Echo/PFT/TMT/NCV/EMG and EEG Facilities
  • Well Equipped Pathology Department with all fully automatic advanced machines
  • Attractive & well-Equipped Mother & Child Department with kids’ Play Area
  • Facilities for Colposcopy/HSG & PAP Smear
  • Separate LDR for painless Deliveries
  • Well furnished & Luxurious OPD area & Reception area.
  • Luxury/ Deluxe / Super Deluxe / Economy Rooms (7 Course meal, comfortable stay for
    Patients and Attendants)
  • Spacious and beautiful In-house CAFETERIA