Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad

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Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad

Shalby Hospitals is one of the largest chains of multispecialty hospitals and tertiary care centers in the country today. Envisioned by its founder, Dr. Vikram I Shah back in 1994 as a Joint Replacement Center, today Shalby Hospitals is a chain of 11 multispecialty hospitals, offering treatment in over 35+ medical disciplines, holding an aggregate capacity of over 2062 beds with more than 500 active physicians, and 3000+ employees.

Known for exceptional patient care for 28 years, we have our presence in 5 states of the country and OPDs extended to a total of 11 states. Shalby Hospital is today known for setting high standards of excellence in Healthcare, Clinical Care, Home Care, and Research. We receive thousands of patients in our hospitals across all the units from all over the country. Medical excellence and patient care are firmly embedded in our culture.

Shalby Hospitals in Ahmedabad stand as a testament to their dedication to providing comprehensive, accessible, and high-quality healthcare. Their diverse infrastructure caters to a wide range of medical needs, while their commitment to patient-centric care, advanced technology, and research ensures a healing experience for all.


  • 1700-bedded multispecialty campus
  • NABL accreditation in 6 categories
  • Advanced diagnostic facilities (CT, MRI, PET, Cath labs, X-ray, ultrasound)
  • Modern surgical suites
  • Specialized ICUs (Cardiac, Neuro, Neonatal)
  • 24×7 emergency services

Shalby Hospital in Ahmedabad is a leading healthcare institution known for its commitment to quality medical services. With a focus on patient-centric care, Shalby boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled healthcare professionals. Specializing in a wide range of medical disciplines, the hospital provides advanced treatments and surgical interventions. Renowned for its dedication to medical excellence and compassionate service, Shalby Hospital in Ahmedabad is a trusted healthcare destination, ensuring the well-being of its diverse patient community.


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