At the heart of QRG Super Speciality Hospital is its Critical Care Medicine unit, a testament to its commitment to handling the most complex and life-threatening medical conditions. This specialized unit is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by a highly qualified and experienced medical team. The hospital recognizes the critical nature of certain illnesses and has designed this unit to provide immediate and intensive care, ensuring the highest chances of recovery for patients facing severe medical challenges.


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The hallmark of QRG Super Speciality Hospital lies not only in its advanced medical facilities but also in its dedication to inclusivity. The hospital takes pride in offering its top-notch services to patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds. This commitment is not just a statement but is reinforced by the hospital’s cutting-edge software system, which streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures that quality healthcare is accessible to everyone.

More About Hospital

The hospital provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and houses two

  • Cardiac Cath labs,
  • EPS labs, Endoscopic Ultrasound,
  • Modular Operation Theaters,
  • 3T MRI,
  • 128-slice CT Scanner,
  • Modern Pathology Laboratory,
  • Biochemistry Laboratory,
  • 450 in-patient beds which include emergency beds,

They have critical care beds, cardiac care units, intensive care units, advanced neonatal ICUs, pediatric ICUs, dialysis units, suite rooms, deluxe rooms, twin-sharing rooms, and general wards.

This hospital was established by QRG Group, & built under the philosophies of ethics, transparency, and responsibility, and upholds the values of providing par-excellence quality in all offerings.

The hospital is run on a social entrepreneurial belief where all earnings and profits are reinvested in the hospital for constantly upgrading technologies, services, and facilities to enhance patient comfort and well-being.


  • 450 beds
  • Institute facilities under one roof
  • Dedicated ICU’s for major facilities
  • 100 Critical Care Beds
  • Comprehensive Emergency Care with Integrated OTs.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulances
  • Best care and facilities for International Patients
  • 16 bedded Neonatal ICU
  • 9 bedded Paediatric ICU


The highly qualified medical staff at QRG Super Speciality Hospital represents the backbone of its exceptional services.

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