Awareness Of Kidney Transplant Saves Life Of Patients

Awareness Of Kidney Transplant Saves Life Of Patients

Awareness Of Kidney Transplant Saves Life Of Patients

The idea of organ transplant is nothing new. Especially when it comes to Kidney Transplant, which by the way seems to be the most common of all. In the recent news, the experts have called upon to look into the matter with more and more concern. The Hindu recently reported that, Expert calls for more awareness on organ donation to save lives of kidney patients.

As per the article in The Hindu, “As per govt. data, five lakh people die every year and 20 die every day in the country due to non-availability of organs”. It’s not surprising that we might see an increase in the number of kidney transplants in the future due to changing lifestyles, many of which are not very active.

Working of Kidney Transplant Procedure

So, how does a kidney transplant work? Well, first, doctors need to find someone who’s willing to donate a kidney. This person could be a family member, a friend, or even someone they don’t know!

Once they find a donor, they make sure the donated kidney is a good match for the person who needs it. This is super important because it helps reduce the chances of the body rejecting the new kidney.

Data on the Kidney Transplant In India

The news article further reports that, Among those requiring a transplant, kidney patients top the list. Across the country, there are nearly 90,000 patients on the waiting list, followed by liver patients (10,625). Andhra Pradesh has more than 2,000 kidney patients, constituting 90% of the total patients waiting for an organ transplant in the State.

We must keep in mind that India is also a medical tourism hub. Therefore, there patient who travel to the country do so in hopes of getting their transplant done.

Will Transplant Surgery is all that will help?

You might think that once the surgery is over, the issues are gone. But wait, there’s more! Getting a kidney transplant isn’t just about the surgery. It also involves taking care of yourself afterwards.

This means you have to eat healthy foods, stay active, and take those special medicines just like the doctor tells you to. It’s a team effort between the person who got the transplant, their doctors, and their loved ones to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The news further adds, that when one drinks more water then there is high chance of keeping kidneys healthy. Kidney Day was recently celebrated and keeping that in mind, the theme was Kidney Health for All: Advancing Equitable Access to Care and Optimal Medication Practice’

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The numbers that you see are from the year 2022. This says that surgeries performed by the doctors were about were 25,000 transplant surgeries. And we still have thousands of patients waiting.

Taking notes from the news by The Hindu, Treatians pledges to help out our dearest patients to get their Kidney Transplant done. Contact Us now!

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