Understanding Low Fertility Rate in India, Read Now!

Understanding Low Fertility Rate in India, Read Now!

Understanding Low Fertility Rate in India, Read Now!

India just finished its elections, and the question of development is now a priority In this all, we see a trend in the health sector, and what is that? Fertility Rate Are Dropping in India! It means a low fertility rate in India. Yes, that is true. Do you know it can be good? Why? Let us tell you, everything is related to population. A healthy population = a prosperous nation. Now let us know why is this rate dropping.

Reasons for Low Fertility Rate in India

There are several reasons for this change. We will talk about each and some of them might not be directly the reason but they are indirectly. Read and be more knowledgeable!

  • Education: When you educate a man, you educate a man, when you educate a woman, you educate a nation. When girls get a good education, they often decide to have fewer children. They think about their careers and other dreams they want to chase.
  • Healthcare: Better hospitals and doctors mean fewer babies die when they are very young. So, parents don’t feel the need to have many children just to make sure some survive.
  • Women Working: More women are working in offices, shops, and other places. When women have jobs, they often wait longer to have kids and have fewer of them because they are busy with their careers.
  • Family Planning: Families now have access to better ways to plan when they want to have babies. Have you heard”family planning”? That is what it is. This is to choosing if you want to have babies and are prepared to take care of them.
  • Urban Living: More people are moving to cities where life is faster and more expensive. In cities, it costs a lot to raise children, so families often decide to have fewer kids, remember the dialogue “Hum do humare do”?
  • Changing Views: People’s ideas about family and life are changing. Many want to give more attention and resources to fewer children, making sure they can give them the best possible life.

Is this low fertility rate in India really good? or Bad?

Good for the Planet: Fewer people can mean less strain on the environment. There will be less pollution and more resources for everyone.

Better Lives: Families can focus more on each child, giving them better education, healthcare, and opportunities.

But wait, there is something that might be not what the country will want, what are those?

Aging Population: If there are too few babies, there might not be enough young people to take care of the elderly in the future.

Fewer Workers: With fewer young people, there might be fewer workers for all the jobs, which can affect the economy.

So what to do about the dropping fertility rate in India?

India’s low fertility rate is something that’s going to shape the future in many ways. It’s like a big puzzle that we all need to think about. The government and communities will have to work together to make sure everyone has a happy and healthy life, whether there are many people or fewer people.

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