Go Through India’s Top 10 Medical Tourism Apps In India

Go Through India’s Top 10 Medical Tourism Apps In India

Go Through India’s Top 10 Medical Tourism Apps In India

Medical tourism is a growing trend where individuals travel to another country to receive medical treatments or procedures at competitive costs. In this era of digitalization, medical tourism applications play a pivotal role in connecting patients with healthcare providers and easing the complexities of medical travel. In India there are several medical tourism apps that help users to make the process of medical tourism more convenient and accessible.

Let’s have a look into the topmost medical tourism apps in India


One of the top medical tourism apps in India is Treatians. It’s all about connecting users with top-notch hospitals and experienced doctors across the country. With Treatians you can easily browse through different hospitals, range of most affordable treatments and even book appointments. Treatians app provides you with online consultation services via video call where you can connect with doctors remotely, saving you time and effort. Moreover, they cater you with the pharmacy and lab test facilities. Patients can securely store and manage their health records such as medical history, test results, prescriptions and more. It’s like having all your health information in one convenient place.


Another popular app is Vaidam, which specializes in helping individuals find the right hospitals and doctors for their specific medical needs. Vaidam provides detailed information of hospitals and doctors, along with treatments they offer. The app allows users to schedule appointments with doctors and hospitals seamlessly. Users can choose convenient dates and times for consultations through the app’s scheduling feature.


Another most usable app is Practo which enables users to connect with renowned hospitals and experienced doctors. Practo allows users to book appointments with doctors directly through the app by choosing the date, time, and preferred mode of consultation based on their convenience. Practo offers teleconsultation services that allow users to consult with doctors remotely via video calls or audio calls. The app allows users to store and manage their health records digitally. Practo facilitates medicine delivery services, allowing users to order prescription medications and healthcare products online.


One can directly download the app from google play and can take advantages of various features provided by MediGence. It helps patients in selecting the right hospital and doctor based on their medical condition. The platform helps patients plan their treatment by arranging online consultations with doctors and specialists. Patients can discuss their medical history, concerns, and treatment options during these consultations. MediGence offers end-to-end support to patients seeking medical treatment in India.

IndiCure Health Tours

IndiCure Health Tours is another medical tourism platform based in India. They offer personalized treatment packages and connect you with top hospitals and doctors in India. Online consultations are conducted virtually to discuss medical history, concerns, and treatment options which can save time and effort of the patient. IndiCure helps patients manage their medical records and documentation digitally. IndiCure Health Tours aims to make the medical tourism process smoother and more accessible for national and international patients.


Medibuddy is an app that provides a range of healthcare services in India. With Medibuddy, you can search for doctors, hospitals and diagnostic centers near you. The app allows you to book appointments, get e-prescriptions, and even consult with doctors online through video calls. You can track your health records, access lab reports, and even maintain a digital health wallet for easy payment. It’s a convenient and user-friendly app that aims to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for everyone.


HealthTrip may help patients to explore top-notch hospitals and healthcare professionals. This involves providing information about accredited hospitals and experienced doctors across various medical specialties. HealthTrip provide a range of services to support patients throughout their medical journey, from initial consultation to post-treatment care, ensuring a positive and satisfactory experience.


Credihealth is a popular medical tourism app in India that offers a variety of services to help patients navigate the healthcare system and find the best possible care. The patients can book appointments directly through the app. This can save you time and effort. You can consult with doctors online through video or phone calls. This is a convenient option if you cannot travel to see a doctor in person. Credihealth is a valuable resource for people who are considering medical tourism in India.


MedMonks app helps you find the best doctor or hospital for your specific needs. MedMonks arrange online consultations with doctors and specialists. Patients can schedule virtual consultations or seek second opinions from doctors before finalizing their treatment plan. MedMonks is a valuable option for those seeking personalized medical care and assistance in India.


MedGinnie is another notable app in the medical tourism space. Users will find detailed information about hospitals, doctors and treatment options on this app. They also provide personalized support and guidance throughout your entire medical journey, ensuring you feel comfortable and stress-free.

Choosing the Right Medical Tourism App

India has many medical tourism apps that help people in finding reputed hospitals and experienced doctors. These apps make it easy to find hospitals, book appointments with doctors. However, before choosing an app users must consider factors such as their reputation, user reviews, and the range of services they offer. Ensure that the hospitals and doctors recommended by the app are accredited and maintain high-quality. By considering such factors and conducting thorough research, you can choose the right app for medical tourism in India that meets your needs and preferences, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience during your medical journey.

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