Patients Choose Indian Cities for Treatment, Leave West

Patients Choose Indian Cities for Treatment, Leave West

Patients Choose Indian Cities for Treatment, Leave West

In one of the recent news, the Times of India reported that patients choose Indian cities for Treatment like Ahmedabad for their treatment. Let us know in this news piece and in general why is this the case. What is making them come to India in large numbers? Why is India becoming the medical tourism hub? Read on to know more.

Patients Choose Indian Cities For Treatment, Why so?

The TOI reported, “Corporate hospitals in Ahmedabad have usually seen patients from east African nations for procedures ranging from hip and knee replacements to minor surgeries. However, over the past couple of years, an increasing number of patients from western countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are choosing Ahmedabad for emergency procedures and long-term treatments for conditions such as cancer.

Why is that? Well, the answer lies in the fact that patients choose Indian cities for treatment owing to the kind of quality and no wait policy. The price is less hence, no hole in the pocket, and we all know that Indian doctors are known to be finest. We at Treatians also get so many patients who contact us because in less money but very high quality, they get exceptional services!

If Patient Choose Indian Cities For Treatment, does it cost less?

Yes! The major attraction point of Indian hospitals is the reputation which gives affordable but state of art services.

Adding to the report, it was mentioned that, in January and February of this year, Apollo Hospitals Gujarat treated six patients from different countries like New Zealand, the UK, US, and Ethiopia.

They needed special treatments like neurosurgery and cardiovascular procedures. Report has said that these patients chose the hospital in Ahmedabad because they felt comfortable.

Why do patients choose Indian cities?

India’s medical tourism industry is growing fast, mainly because it’s cheaper. Medical treatments here can be way less expensive than in Western countries, but they’re still really good quality. This makes India a popular choice for people who can’t afford expensive medical bills or don’t want to wait a long time for treatment in their own countries. We now know why Patients Choose Indian Cities for treatment.

Choose Indian, Choose Treatians!

As India’s medical tourism industry continues to thrive, more individuals from Western countries are opting to travel to India for their medical needs. With its combination of world-class healthcare, affordability, and diverse treatment options, India has cemented its position as a leading destination for medical tourists seeking quality care beyond their borders.

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