Symptoms of Kidney Cancer You Must Know. Read Now!

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer You Must Know. Read Now!

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer You Must Know. Read Now!

Not aware of the symptoms of kidney cancer? Don’t worry, let us do this for you. Kidney cancer or renal cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the kidneys. Moreover, kidneys are the vital organs in the body that play a crucial role in filtering waste and excess fluids from the blood to form urine. What if they don’t work properly or fail in filtering the waste? In this blog, we will explore the symptoms of kidney cancer and how to keep it healthy to prevent kidney cancer.

Who gets kidney cancer?

The average age of those diagnosed with kidney cancer is 64. The exact causes of kidney cancer are unjustified but we do know that certain things can increase your chances of developing kidney cancer. Additionally, older age, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, long-term dialysis, and a family history of kidney cancer can all increase your risk.

What are the symptoms of kidney cancer?

Well, kidney cancer is hard to diagnose as it doesn’t have clear signs or symptoms in its early stages. Over time, the following symptoms you may experience including:

  • Blood in your urine
  • Pain in your back or side
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight-loss
  • Tiredness
  • Fever
  • Night sweats

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, it’s important to talk to your doctor for the proper evaluation and treatment.

How is it diagnosed?

The way doctors diagnose kidney cancer may include the following tests and procedures:

  • Blood and urine tests
  • Imaging tests like ultrasounds, x-rays, CT scans and MRIs

Moreover, your doctor may recommend a biopsy. This involves removing a small sample of tissue from the tumor with a needle for further testing. If it’s kidney cancer, then the next step is staging that cancer. In addition, staging means how advanced your cancer is.

How is it treated?

Well, depending on the stage and severity of cancer surgeons may remove the affected kidney altogether. This procedure is known as nephrectomy or radical nephrectomy. In addition, sometimes they may remove the tumor from the kidney. This is known as partial nephrectomy or kidney-sparing surgery.

Moreover, some kidneys are destroyed by non-surgical methods. Cryoablation is a treatment that freezes and kills cancerous cells.

Ways to keep your kidneys healthy

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Exercise regularly to promote overall health
  • Maintain a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise.

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